Nature’s Nourishment originated as an energetics business. We live in a toxic world and due to modern day lifestyles our bodies are often overwhelmed and out of balance. The foods we eat, the stress we experience and the toxins we are exposed to can put enormous strain on our being. By assisting the body regain homeostasis and balance, wellbeing is enhanced and the body's natural healing processes restored.
Healing through energetic work is possible, however, I knew that lifestyle change was an essential component in my work to enable one's all encompassing restoration of health. Empowering clients to make changes in their surrounding environment and to reduce toxin exposure, is of paramount importance. This includes looking at insecticides, herbicides, food sources, additives, and storage of food. Consideration of where water comes from and what is in it, such as chemicals, parasites or fungi are also vital. Consideration of radiation exposure in and around the home and external environment and analysing and identifying toxic chemicals that are in the products we are using such as shampoos and conditioners, makeup and perfumes all need to be considered. This list is never ending.
For my energetics treatment to work, it doesn't make sense to assist the body manage its' toxic overload, but then have these same toxins re-enter the client through their environment. Through lifestyle adaptation and client empowerment, toxins can often be omitted or at least significantly reduced in one’s environment enhancing the efficacy of treatments.
Prior to NN being born I had my own wake up call. After a serious bicycle accident in my early 20's, I started seeking frequent assistance, from western medicine and holistic practitioners, to help manage my chronic pain and inflammation. I had unknowingly accepted my fate and become the victim of my circumstances. Over the years many more health conditions surfaced. Eventually, all of my family became ill with food hypersensitivities, psychological issues, parasites, radiation sensitivities and viruses. Finally, my own bucket of stressors overflowed and I succumbed to chronic fatigue. The insurmountable stress that I felt as a mother, whose family was suffering from major body disharmony, was my breaking point.
It is said, that when this occurs, one finds an inner strength to overcome adversity. That is exactly what happened.
​Empowering myself with knowledge to heal my mind, body, spirit and heal the family, was what led me to healing with energetics, lifestyle change and the birth of NN. I needed to find solutions for the cause of our illnesses rather than just treat the symptoms of the underlying dis-ease. My main challenge in this process of change, was about finding alternatives to what I already used. I used plastics, bought food sprayed with chemicals and then wrapped my food in more chemical laden products. We used technology as though it had no negative impacts on our bodies. We drank chemically treated water, used non-stick aluminium and Teflon frypans, which made life easier, but so detrimental to our health. Finding eco-friendly, sustainable substitutes was not easy, time consuming and costly. This process took me over 4 years which led me to sourcing products, for my clients, to make the transition easier, quicker and more stress free.
Nature’s Nourishment, although relatively new, is now the expansion of this process, to assist the general population make the lifestyle changes that will not only benefit the environment but undoubtedly reduce the negative impacts on the body. Our intention is to help live with less waste, less toxins and less impact on the planet.
I trial and research the products, that we are sourcing, at home, with and on my family and therefore knowingly make them available to you. All products are sourced from ethical, fair trade, eco-friendly and sustainable sources.
Small changes can make the biggest difference so with dedication, love for yourself, your family and the environment, you can make this change too because YOU are absolutely, undoubtedly worth it.
We endeavour, as we grow, to pass the savings on to you to make the change easier. Start slow and work towards your dreams and they will come true. All good things take time and nourishing.
I do encourage you to look at what is important in life! Without your health you have nothing. Without the latest mobile phone, you still have a life. Your health is your wealth and often you don't realise this until it is lost.
We’d love to hear what matters to you and the solutions you are looking for.
Please email us on naturesnourishment@yahoo.com.
With love for you and the environment.
Nicole Wellington. (Founder NN)